Umuc library instruction on avoiding plagiarism in academic writing

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The Academic Integrity Tutorial includes four text-based modules on understanding academic integrity, plagiarism and cheating; tips on avoiding plagiarism; documentation styles; and academic policies.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSIONS: Research for sources should be done through the UMUC Library. Sources should be peer-reviewed and academically credible. Wikipedia, should refer to the UMUC Academic Integrity policy or visit the websites below for more help on citing sources and avoiding plagiarism.

Citing Sources. Academic Integrity. Academic Integrity Tutorial - UMUC. On this website, you will find the University of Maryland’s writing program with definitions of plagiarism and ways to avoid it.

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There is an online library there to help you find some articles and general guidelines for students who want to follow the rules of academic integrity. See library services if you do not know what an academic source means).

About the Academic Integrity Tutorial

Do not limit yourself to searching solely on the product or service name. Look up the industry it is in ( is a good source for this via the UMUC library) and search on that industry as well.

Umuc library instruction on avoiding plagiarism in academic writing
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About the Academic Integrity Tutorial | UMUC