Elks americanism essay contest

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Americanism Essay Contest!

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Elks lodge names winners of Americanism Essay Contest

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The contest also demonstrates that Members of your Lodge are proud to be Americans, proud to be Elks and proud to participate in the Americanism programs of Grand Lodge. Your Grand Lodge Fraternal Committee is committed to serving and assisting you as we all show pride in America.

Americanism is a one of the biggest committees that the have.

American Legion Accounces Winners Of Americanism Essay Contest

The committee is dedicated to the everything that is America. They hold special ceremonies to show the evolution of the flag, and the proper way of flag etiquette. Elks Americanism Essay Contest THEME: “What ‘Old Glory’ Means To Me” As we plan for the implementation of the new Grand Lodge Program, it is necessary for Lodges to incorporate the new Americanism Essay Contest into that plan.

Americanism Essay Contest Each year the Elks sponsor an essay contest on topics relating to Americanism.

Americanism Committee

The topic for is "What Makes You Proud of America?" We've included the winning essays from last year's contest below. My Fellow Americans, All the forms should be out to all the Lodges for the Americanism Essay. Remember this year there will not be a Grand Lodge Award for Essays but we will operate with the State Budget for our prizes on the District levels as well as the State.

For Parents

The South Orange Elks have been serving our community for over years. We are men and women from your neighborhood working for children with special needs, veterans, food banks, and supporting local organizations and charities in South Orange/Maplewood. Our events include an Americanism Essay Contest, Flag Day ceremony, picnics at.

Elks americanism essay contest
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Oslo Middle School Student Wins Americanism Essay Contest - School District of Indian River County