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Short Essay on Save Forests. Category: Environment On August 1, By Nikhil Mehta. The forest conservation programs that are undertaken are scientific. The forests areas are maintained and planted with trees under the Forest conservation programs.

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The forests of India are unique, in the sense that the types of forests found in the various regions of the country, vary widely, thus forming a conglomeration of forest types within the nation. There are various varieties of trees, from sal to pine and from neem to teak.

FOREST CONSERVATION Forests are one of the most important natural resources that have been gifted to mankind for their sustained existence on earth.

Forest conservation is the practice of planning and maintaining forested areas for the benefit and sustainability of future conservation involves the upkeep of the natural resources within a forest that are beneficial to both humans and the ecosystem.

Forest conservation acts to maintain, plan, and improve forested areas. Forests provide wildlife with a suitable habitat for living. Conservation of Forest- Essay for Student and Slogan Important of Forest Conservation: Forest is the most important for the protection and the stability of the earth’s atmosphere and the global warming.

The forests are the essential for the human in the living manner of the world in the areas of the home.

Conservation of forest essay
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Essay on Forests: Importance, Major Products and Its Conservation